Florida Agents Join Our Referral Network


Do you have a Florida Real Estate License and want to make money by simply referring customers?


Then we want you to join our Preferred Property Referral, Inc. Brokerage Firm.


Simply place your Florida license active with us for only $25 per year and then start earning referral fees!

Simply refer any customer leads out to your agent of choice or let us handle assigning the customer to an experienced professional. The other

agent does all the work and when the property closes, you receive your referral commission.


This referral system even works with your out of state customers.


We offer our Referral Agents a 70% Commission Split to Agent on the first three closed referral commissions

and then a 80% Commission Split to Referral Agent thereafter.


Sample Commission to Referring Agent on first three closings:

$200,000 Sales Price

3% Commission Due = $6,000

25% Referral Fee Due = $1,500

70% Referring Agent Split = $1,050 to You

Sample Commission to Referring Agent thereafter:

$200,000 Sales Price

3% Commission Due = $6,000

25% Referral Fee Due = $1,500

80% Referring Agent Split = $1,200 to You


It really is that easy to make money referring out friends, family & customers.


As a Referral Agent all you have to do is maintain your Florida Real Estate License, which currently requires a two-year renewal fee of $85

and 14 Hours Continuing Education.


When you refer your customer to one of our Real Estate Professionals you can rest assured that they are members of the National, Florida, and

Hernando County Association of Realtors. Since they are maintaining those memberships and MLS fees that means that you don’t have to.


You put a lot of time, energy and money into obtaining your Florida RE License, so now let it make some easy money for you.


Call Marisa Brewer, Broker/Owner, at 352-279-3522 Today to sign up to be a

Preferred Property Referral Agent.


Be sure to let me know if you have already selected one of our Active Agents to be your Referral Partner.

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