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Did you know we can save you Time and Energyand it doesn't cost you anything!

Believe it or not, our Real Estate services are free to Buyers and are paid for by the home seller! That’s right, the property owner determines the professional fee that will be paid when they first list their property. So no matter whose name is on the sign, our assistance is Free to you and can only help your negotiations.

We can give you information and help you Buy any home or property on the market. I know it can get frustrating wasting your time and energy browsing every internet site you can find looking through tons of photos and tours only to find out that perfect home is not even available, or not getting enough detailed information about a property to make an informed decision... don't get frustrated running around calling every sign, leaving messages and hoping for a call back only to find out that particular property is not in your price range or does not meet your needs. Allow us to do the Home Work and make this an Easy Process for you!

You can either Search through the MLS database yourself on our site for current listings that meet your criteria, and then call or email us questions and send a list of the homes you would like to view.  We will then set up all the appointments and go with you to tour the properties.

Or you can call or email us details describing the exact features you are looking for in your perfect home so that we may do a more in-depth search and provide you with a list of homes that match your criteria and meet your family’s needs.

Or you can sign up to have your own listing cart and have updated information emailed to you as soon as that perfect new home hits the market!

Just let us know how You want to proceed and we can make it happen!


Tips for Buyers

*Before you start looking for a home, you should contact a lender:

  • To determine the amount of loan you qualify for, what the monthly payments will be and how much you will need for a down payment and closing costs. This information will help in making the right offer for your situation. You can contact any lender of your choice and submit a loan application or Click on Qet Qualified for a Loan. There's no obligation and they can prequalify you right over the phone & provide a good faith estimate detailing monthly payments, down payment & closing costs, % rate, insurance & tax estimates. Be sure to request a pre-qualification letter to submit with your offer on a property; it helps with your negotiations by showing the seller that you are a qualified and serious buyer.

Did you know as a first-time buyer you could qualify for an FHA loan, which only requires a 3.5% down payment or you might qualify for down payment assistance funds, which could assist with your down payment and upfront costs. Call us for more details about these and other programs or visit our down payment resource site:

Hernando County downpayment info links:

  • Determine if you need to sell your current home, before you can purchase a new home. If you do not wish to have a mortgage payment on two homes at the same time, it is best to put your current home on the market first. Then once you have obtained an acceptable offer on your home, we can then submit an offer on your new home which will be contingent upon the sale of your present home. Putting your home on the market before you start looking will help put yourself in the most favorable position when it comes to negotiating the best price. We can provide you with a Free Valuation indicating listing/selling prices of similar homes in your area.

*Make sure you understand the sales contract before you submit your offer:

  • To determine which party is going to pay for title insurance, documentary stamps on the deed & mortgage, a survey, appraisal, and inspections. In central Florida it is customary for the Seller to choose a title company to handle the closing and pay for title insurance and documentary stamps on the deed, and for the Buyer to pay for the survey, appraisal, inspections and documentary stamps on their mortgage, but all of this is negotiable and has to be documented in the sales contract. Give me a call and I can explain this all to you in detail.
  • To determine if you will purchase "as is" with right to inspect or if the home seller is going to contribute towards the cost of any repairs needed that are found in a home or termite inspection, and what your deadlines are to have any inspections performed.


Let One of Our Agents Guide you through What To Do Once You Are Under Contract, Call Today...

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